Thursday, 6 November 2014

What if? metropolis OGR


  1. OGR 06/11/2014

    Hi Josh,

    A really exciting travelogue - vivid, surreal, rich in colour and detail.... and some really boring thumbnails :( I use the word 'boring' to describe the ones that look like they weren't inspired by all the energy of Balla's paintings. I can't believe you derived some of those generic looking thumbs from work as explosive and dynamic as Balla. The most recent set of thumbs are a giant leap forward, though I suspect you're struggling to see the value in them.

    Your travelogue, however, does capture Balla's paintings, with all those intersections and confusion of purpose - so I'm hopeful that you're warming up to this challenge a bit more now. It's clear too, that since you changed-up your method of image-making (from drawing generic line drawings to working more freely with the tools and potential of Photoshop), you're beginning to make progress and break new ground - again, very positive. The thing is, Josh, you need to make more work and engage with a bit more hunger and competitiveness; you're still a bit 'defeated' all the time, when instead I want you to fight harder to make original work.

    You seem to be experiencing difficulty in seeing structures in Balla's work; well, I'm just going to give you some visual reference to help you thing about this more laterally; you'll agree that Balla's uses repeated shapes, which appear flat on the page; well try and think in an 'IKEA' way about your structures - i.e. that they begin as 'flat' shapes, but are then combined to create three forms; so take a look at these visual references for examples of three-dimensional forms comprised of flat 2d planes:

    In simple terms, I want you try something; take a Balla painting, and in Photoshop, use the magnetic lasso tool to 'cut out' specific shapes - the triangles, the circles, whatever - and then copy-paste these components into a new image and use duplication, layering, scaling, and the perspective tool etc to build up some 'flatpack' structures; don't think too much, just do as I suggest and have a go; before you copy paste your components into the new image, create a horizon line in the new image, and as you begin to paste your components into the scene, you'll begin to see them as structures in a space; work simply, and don't 'draw' anything - just use Photoshop tools in their purest way - selections, duplications, rotations etc. until you start to see your city come together.

    We've got to get you moving forward more quickly (and more enthusiastically) - I want you to try this method in the first instance. I look forward to seeing the results.

  2. Cheers Phil, I've just put up some new Thumbnails, can you have a look and tell me what you think of them? cheers.