Sunday, 25 September 2016

Year 3: Minor/Major Project First Proposal

Minor/Major Project Proposal 
The type of direction I am aiming to take for my project is a environment driven story with the help of a narrator. This will be done with a mix of what the narrator says along with what is seen within the environment to help the story progress. With there being no characters within the actual animation itself, the environment will have to convey the story through what is viewed throughout the animation.  
My goals and outcome 
My goals for my project is to have a fully completed animation with a soundtrack and narrator to a high standard by the end of the year long project. That will include a script, original environment designs, final concept art, orthographic drawings, pre-vis, modeled and textured models, soundtrack and finished animation. I would like to create an animation that draws you into a sense of security to only flip the story at the end. My final outcome for this project is to have a finished animation that immerse the viewer through environment and soundtrack.  
By the end of the minor project the following should be complete: 
  1. Idea/concept  
  1. Script  
  1. Environment designs 
  1. Environment concept art (x4) 
  1. Orthographic drawings 
  1. Block model pre-vis 
By the end of the major project the following need to be complete: 
  1. Fully modeled environments 
  1. Texturing of models  
  1. Soundtrack  
  1. Narration  
  1. Lighting  
  1. Finished animation 
  1. Art of (concept art and models) 
When thinking of my idea, I had to keep in mind that the type of event that happens within the story. As this would have to explain why there is no characters (except the narrator) throughout the animation.  I also have to keep in mind the atmosphere I want to create and the misdirection need for a good twist.   
Idea 1 
Narrator archetype: 
Highly intelligent and jokingly sounding crime scene examiner, or would seem. Actually a highly intelligent, psychopath with background knowledge in medicine and forensics working within law enforcement.   
Starts with a doorway with police tape across it, camera starts to float through the scene as if it was being walked through the environment, the narrator start to describes what is happening within each room. Narrator describes what he believed has happened to each victim in a gruesome detail. While the narrator talks, the camera plans around the environment showing the left over evidence of the parts he is talking about. The more the animation goes on, the more the narrator has less empathy towards the victims. As it gets to the end scene where the most horrible act happened, the narrator seems impressed with was has happened. The narrators last line would then  flip what the audience think what they know. 
"All in all... this test was a success hahahaha"           
Idea 2  
Narrator archetype: 
Speaker recording. Professional sounding. Prison warden or doctor. 
Starts off with the entrance to a run down looking building, as the camera runs through each room showing the wreckage left behind. The recording talks about what time things are meant to be happening. For example the narrator could say "Today's lunch is a roast, block A's lunch will commence at 12. Block B at 1:30. Remember aggression will not be tolerated." While this being said the camera shows that the cell block A and B gates have been smashed open and the dining area all smashed up.