Thursday, 20 November 2014

What if? Metropolis, OGR 2


  1. 20/11/2014

    Hi Josh,

    Okay - firstly, I want to acknowledge that, slowly but surely, your engagement with the course is improving and that's encouraging. For example, your Repulsion review is written engagingly and, as importantly, it's been done and dusted in good time. Job done.

    I'm pleased too that you've found a way into your artist after a struggle; I'd suggest there's much more you could do in terms of 'design' - as you seem to have settled for a series of shapes and responses very quickly, and I'd encourage you to return to your artists work and resolve some more refined responses. I'd also do away with the generic mountain range in terms of your matte painting. What is it with students and their generic mountain ranges? How about you use the matte painting to extend the city? After all, at the moment, you've got a cluster of buildings, as opposed to a Metropolis, so why not use the painting to extend the city (which is surely a more interesting prospect than just drawing a mountain range). I'd also like to see you consider some alternate camera views: I'd like you to put us into the city, so we get a sense of scale. In other words, Josh - well done, you've changed up your method and made some work in response, but I'd like that to be the beginning of something exciting and not the end of your engagement in terms of 'design'.

    And now for a bit of a bollocking! While I'm pleased that you're finding methods by which to engage more constructively with pre-production, the actual basic quality of the way in which you're presenting your work is unacceptable at this level of study. Josh, please - just look at your work in comparison with others - and I'm not talking about the quality of draftmanship, I'm talking about the basic act of getting your work ready to publish on your blog. You can't just take a bunch of porridge-coloured photographs of your sketchbook and publish them; you're an art and design student, Josh - you should be fully alive to the visual impact of your work; you should take pride in its presentation. The way you present your work is making you look less capable than you are - I can't believe you're happy with that.

    Yes, you're making progress, Josh, but there's much more you have to do in order to raise your game. I want you to look objectively at these blogs and make a decision to be more like them in future in terms of the way in which they present themselves to me, and to everyone else:

  2. Hey Phil, thanks for the comments about the matt painting and how I am up loading work.

    Just a few things, as I was in a slight rush to do everything for the OGR (my fault in the first place as I should have worried about it so much i.e. the quality of my digital work) I just did a quick concept art of what I had in Maya, this was what we talked about me doing, single buildings in Maya and then using these shapes to come up with a concept art. I still am going to using the matt paint to extend my city, but I have not come up with the build designs for them yet. This will come later when am doing my matt painting.

    On a separate note, I don’t fully understand what you mean by look at these other blogs as I have just have and the only difference I can see is that most of their stuff is digital work? Now if this is the case I understand I need to do more digital paint, but as you know I don’t like digital painting, now this is not me saying won’t do it, but that I am easing in to it. If this is the case for you saying that it would nice for you to confirm this. The only other thing is the amount of writing they put on their blog? If that’s the case then let me know again and I’ll make sure I write more. If it not either of them things for me to be more like them blogs in the future I don’t know what it is and would like to know.

    I understand I’ve had a slow and bumpy start to the course and I have been trying to change my attitude to the work load and managing my time better, which I think I’m getting there but am not there fully yet. I do prefer to work in my sketch book over digital work (for the basic things that is) so if you could tell me of a way to make my photographs of my work look less as you say "porridge-coloured" that would be much help.

    Cheers josh.