Sunday, 26 June 2016

Adaptation; Spanish flu development

I looked at the microscopic view and structure of the Spanish flu. I then came up with 6 basic shapes from the microscopic image. I liked number 5 and 6. So I started working on shape number 6 and added more shapes to bulk it out plus add more detail. 

While working on the 2 base shapes I realised that they would not work as a vehicle. So I started off by looking at the rabies vehicle and how the flu vehicle could interact with it. Looking at what it actually looks like and thinking of ways for it to interact, I came up with this design below.   

This vehicle has moving arms that can clamp on to the front of the other vehicle to slow it down or can swing across and whack the other vehicle out the way. I am now going to layer up some detail on top of this basic shape. 

 (Spanish flu virus)

 Instead of putting hemagglutinin and Neuraminidase on to the base shape I added spikes. The spikes would help with the actions of the vehicle as well as adding a similar look to the actual virus. 

Monday, 20 June 2016

Adaptation; rabies final shape

With the 3 vehicle shapes I liked I then started working on putting together the bits that stood out to me in to one shape.
This is the shape I came up with. I took the base shape from the bottom one of the 3, the spinning outer circle and the front spikes from the top one of the 3. I also took the spikes from the middle one of the 3. I feel that this is a good shape with enough moving part for a game asset to make it look interesting as it moves.  

Monday, 13 June 2016

Adaptation; Rabies development

I picked three of the original base shapes for rabies which I liked and developed them further by adding more shapes to them. I drew them with a side view (the right hand side of the columns) and a angled view. I added more shapes to the base objects to come up with a more appealing silhouette. 

Shape 1.1, shape 2.1 and shape 3.3 all stand out more to me then the others. 1.1 stands out to me because of circle rings that rotate around the base object. I like 2.1 because of the spikes that rotate around the base object as it give a more of a sharp feel to it. 3.3 stands out to me as the spikes makes it look more streamlined then the others. The next thing I will do is mix all of the things that stand out to me into one base shape.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Adaptation; basic shapes for vehicles

I started off by looking at the microscopic view of the virus' that I am focusing my vehicles on. I took the basic shapes from these images and reproduce and repeated  these shapes until I got 6/7 base outlines to work with. With these outlines I will pick 2 of each to develop, add more shapes to and add detail to.
The rabies virus to me looks like a rounded of bullet with spikes. With this in mind I mostly use circles, ovals and cylinders to come up with 7 basic shapes. I personally like 1,3,5. 1 because it is the one that looks the closest to the original virus. 3 as it has a bit more shapes to work with and 5 as I feel it has a good base shape to layer more detail and shape on top of it.


The Spanish flu (Influenza) microscopic virus is a basic shape, circle with cylinder spikes coming off it like the rabies virus. I looked at different interpretations of the virus and they were all based of circles, so with this I feel that the structure of this virus might have to be more visible to add more detail and character to this vehicle. I personally like 5 and 6. I like 5 because it already has a shape that stands out. I like number 6 as the multiple circles give more depth and range to the vehicle's shape. 

Friday, 10 June 2016

Logo idea for adaptaion

This was my first logo idea I had. I wanted my logo to represent the name of my game and relate to it.  

I came up with this logo before speaking to Alan, but after this talk I realize that this is not the right direction I am going for. With the style of my art being more abstracted through the way I digital paint and the talk with Alan about the direction of my project I realize that this logo does not fix with the vehicles that I'm going to design. I feel like I might have jumped the gun with designing the logo first instead of trying to get a basic art design through the vehicles them self. With this being the case am going to put back the design of the logo until I have a clearer outline of design.