Friday, 10 June 2016

Logo idea for adaptaion

This was my first logo idea I had. I wanted my logo to represent the name of my game and relate to it.  

I came up with this logo before speaking to Alan, but after this talk I realize that this is not the right direction I am going for. With the style of my art being more abstracted through the way I digital paint and the talk with Alan about the direction of my project I realize that this logo does not fix with the vehicles that I'm going to design. I feel like I might have jumped the gun with designing the logo first instead of trying to get a basic art design through the vehicles them self. With this being the case am going to put back the design of the logo until I have a clearer outline of design.


  1. This is not it Josh - More album cover than abstract art. If this is an old designs (pre our discussion) make sure you write that. One 'very short' sentence tells us nothing about how this fits in to your project, what is it, and why? The same is true of the post title 'Logo'(?). Context Josh...give everything more context.

  2. see link for an example...