Monday, 13 June 2016

Adaptation; Rabies development

I picked three of the original base shapes for rabies which I liked and developed them further by adding more shapes to them. I drew them with a side view (the right hand side of the columns) and a angled view. I added more shapes to the base objects to come up with a more appealing silhouette. 

Shape 1.1, shape 2.1 and shape 3.3 all stand out more to me then the others. 1.1 stands out to me because of circle rings that rotate around the base object. I like 2.1 because of the spikes that rotate around the base object as it give a more of a sharp feel to it. 3.3 stands out to me as the spikes makes it look more streamlined then the others. The next thing I will do is mix all of the things that stand out to me into one base shape.

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