Sunday, 26 June 2016

Adaptation; Spanish flu development

I looked at the microscopic view and structure of the Spanish flu. I then came up with 6 basic shapes from the microscopic image. I liked number 5 and 6. So I started working on shape number 6 and added more shapes to bulk it out plus add more detail. 

While working on the 2 base shapes I realised that they would not work as a vehicle. So I started off by looking at the rabies vehicle and how the flu vehicle could interact with it. Looking at what it actually looks like and thinking of ways for it to interact, I came up with this design below.   

This vehicle has moving arms that can clamp on to the front of the other vehicle to slow it down or can swing across and whack the other vehicle out the way. I am now going to layer up some detail on top of this basic shape. 

 (Spanish flu virus)

 Instead of putting hemagglutinin and Neuraminidase on to the base shape I added spikes. The spikes would help with the actions of the vehicle as well as adding a similar look to the actual virus. 

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