Sunday, 11 January 2015

More detail story.

This is a more detailed version of my story with a few changes to it from my talk with Phil. Just to note this is a outline of the story and not all of this will be shown.

An Advanced Technology age where humans are still alive, yet with the ability to travel in space. The human race has still not come across an alien species. Believing that there are no aliens, as they have been space travelling for 1500 years and still not seen one, they never worried about the earths defense. To help ships exit and enter Earths atmosphere humans built space lighthouses too help direct ships in and out of Earth. These lighthouses use their light to guide the ship through space and to avoid crashes. They also were once used for search and defense posts but after 1200 years searching, humanity gave up this search for alien life. After this, the lighthouses just became a signal tower. The Control Centre Agency that owns them created a livable  atmosphere with tree, grass, river and basic animals.

Mark Rider joins up with the Control Centre Agency to learn how to operate and control an advanced lighthouse facility at the age of 17, by 19 he was able to go work in one. His only fear was that it was one personnel per lighthouse, but within 2weeks of being able to work the government changed the rules and made it that it has to do two people per lighthouse as space travel has increased. Mark is put in the lighthouse that is based over the north pacific ocean and is keep in orbit with this ocean.

Within arriving at his new job location, he is meet by Jane Star. The first woman to have worked at this lighthouse ever and had already been there for a year on her own already. With this her personal skill were pretty much at non-existing. Throughout the two years they worked together they got very close. Jane told Mark how Christmas day was also her birthday and how her family would have got a real tree, but since shes been at the light for two years she has not had a real one.

On 18th December 4015 Mark wanted to surprise her with a real tree, so he checks that there is not supposed to be any ships flying in or out his area for the next four hours. He leaves her asleep and goes to the forest to cut down a pine tree. When he is half way done Mark hears a noise from outside the dome, by this time it is too late... A strange ship crashes in to the lighthouse and explodes.

Mark blaming him self for Jane's death joins up straight away for the space marine corp to help fight off the what would be yet to come of the alien ships with out warning as they had taken out all the lighthouses at once.

Finishing the first year of training at the top of his class in hand to hand combat and advanced flying. Due to how well his first year went his second year of training Mark was picked to be part of an advanced unit that would deal with the aliens head on once they arrived.

On December 25th 4018 the first alien ships attacked, Mark was the first group of fighter pilots to go up and fight. Surviving this fight and many more fights, the alien's attacks increased. But with every flight the marines pushed them back, till July 22nd 4021 "The day the sky went dark". This is when the alien mother ships came to Earth.

This fight went on for a few days, Mark when up to fight from day one. Once what was left of Marks fighter squad ran out of fuel, they switch out squads. As soon as Mark squad was refueled they were sent back up to help the other squads. All but one mother ship was taken down. With just one left looming over the plant all pilots left headed straight for it. The mother ship took down all but 20 of the fighter pilots, one being Mark. The pilot with the most experience realized that this mother ship is the lead one and would not be able to be destroyed without a big explosion, but without having any missiles, all they could do is crash in to it. Letting the other pilots know this, they all agree that it is they only chance they have to save earth.

Mark is flying towards the mother ship, you see him look down at a picture stick in his window and says "we'll soon see each other again". At this point the camera changes to a distances view of the space ships flying towards the alien mother ship, just before you see the space ship hit the mother ship the screen goes dark and a second later you hear a explosion and then a machine noise.

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  1. Hi Josh,

    Okay - so you've got on minute and a whole lot of backstory to deal with; in order to further diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of this story, you should commit to a step-outline - keep the detail to a minimum - just show me how you intend to get all that content on screen and available to the audience: