Thursday, 8 January 2015

Maybe a start to my story.


Year set - 4015

An Advanced Technology  age where humans are still alive, yet with the ability to travel in space the human race has still not come across an alien species. Believing that there is no aliens as they have been space traveling for 1500 year and still not seen one they never worried about the earths defensive.

Basics around - Mark Rider

Background info - 

Mark rider fell in love with his high school girlfriend Jane. Once graduating they both found jobs in there chosen fields of study. Jane being a kindergarten teacher and Mark being a machine techie. For a couple of years these two people saved there money for a wedding and house. A few years past they got married and also decided to buy a lighthouse with a house attached so they could live be the sea, which Jane loved so much. 

Jane love Christmas so much it means every thing needs to be real. This includes the tree (but mark normal buys a fake tree and its cheeper) now they live by a pine forest she want a real one.


• Starts with a in space fight battle over earth.

•You see the main character (Mark) in a space ship flighting against some wired alien ships.

• He is amongst the last left of fighters.

• He looks down at his dashboard and see an old photo of him with a girl (Jane)

• It flashes back to 2 years ago

• You see Mark and Jane moving in to there new home, a lighthouse

• it flashes forwards to their Christmas 

• Mark puts up a fake tree and Jane ask him to go out an cut down a real one from the pine forest near by as she has always wanted a real one.

• as Mark is trying to fine the prefect pine tree when he hears a noise, a noise he's never heard before.

• its gets louder

• he see a object flying through the sky, but he then realised it was not flying but falling.

• he stands and watches as he never seen any thing like it

• the spaceship crashes into the lighthouse (through the light of the lighthouse and then into the live area of it)

• Mark runs to the light house, it's all in flames and destroyed 

• you see Mark drop to his knees. And from above you see more spaceships entering the atmosphere 

• Mark joins up with the space core to help fight of the aliens. 

• you see a few images of him training and a few battles

• then you see him fight again the mother ship. 

• they look like there going to lose

• all 20 of the fighter ships left agree to crash in to the mother ship hoping that their ships engine drives like create a big enough explosion to brake the ship up.

• you see Mark look at his picture. And just say "Jane, I've stopped what happened to us from happening to other people and now we will soon meet again"

• the camera switches to a far away shoot and you see the fighter ship about to hit and the screen goes dark 

• you hear a explosion and the a strange machine noise.

•the end

Some Feed back and thought would be nice :)

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