Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The city i have chosen.

After doing a few of the cities, I stopped as I produced a few thumbnails that looked the most interesting for the city Octavia. I think Octavia stood out to me from the point I read the source material. "the spider-web city" "the city is over the void," and "suspended over the abyss" these were the quotes that jumped out at me while I was reading.

These were my orignal thumbnails I done for Octavia which I thought I lost, but re-found.

After doing these basic thumbnails I moved onto doing these thumbnails which were a little bit better then the first lot I did.

Once finishing these thumbnails I wanted to develop them a little, so i did some more detailed sketches of Octavia.

So far I have done one developed thumbnail and two different colour comps of that more detailed thumbnail.

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