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King Kong

King Kong (1933)

King Kong is about a giant ape that lives on a mysterious island alone with other creatures. This giant ape is like a god to the tribe that live on the island. The tribe people are an uncivilized group of people that are protected by a giant wall. A film maker called Carl Denham buys a map to the island, where he wants to film a new movie. He hires a woman actor called Ann Darrow to play the main part. Once they get to the island they go ashore and see the tribe doing a ritual for Kong. The tribe notices them and Ann. the chief of the tribe offers a trade for Ann so they can offer her to Kong.  Carl Denham says no to the chief and he back to the ship. Ann and Carl's friend Jack Driscoll fall in love. Ann is then kidnapped by the tribe and offered to Kong. Kong takes Ann into the jungle. Carl and the crew then go after her to get her back. this leads to them being attacked by all different types of creatures before they get her back. during this time where they are trying to found her Kong fall in love with Ann. once Jack finds her and bring her back to the tribes location Kong follows and this is where Carl knocks Kong out with gas and brings him but to the US. Carl puts Kong in chains and show him off to the world, but when the press start to take pictures of Kong he flips out and breaks free. Kong finds Ann and takes her to the top off the empire state building where he is then shot down by spitfires. 

Figure 1: Film poster of King Kong (1933)

King Kong (1933) directed by "Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B.Shoedsack" is a well know film with iconic moments through out the movie. These memorable moments include Ann being taken my Kong, Kong fighting the T-Rex and Kong on top of the Empire State Building. The iconic moment of King Kong on top of the Empire State Building is shown in Figure 1. 

Figure 2: Ann being taken by Kong

This is the iconic moment where Ann is taken by Kong and she screams, because of this part the person who played Ann was nicknamed the Scream Queen. During this scene the tribe were shown to be like savages and undeveloped with their rituals. Figure 2 shows the moment when Ann is kidnapped by King Kong.

Figure 3: Kong chained up on stage

"King Kong represents the American black, a creature who is taken forcibly from his homeland to America where he is exploited in chains but then breaks free and conquers New York." This is said because during the time the film was made, segregation was present in the United States, keeping African Americans and White Caucasians separate. This created a fear within the white race about African Americans still being like animal-like and savage. 

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