Wednesday, 8 October 2014

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  1. OGR 10/10/2014

    Hi Josh,

    I know you're struggling a bit with this project, because you're worried about drawing. Try not to worry. I can safely say that you must be improving because you're drawing more now than before, and we all know what practice makes...

    In regard to Octavia, in the first instance, take a look at the feedback I've written for Vlad, because it pretty much unpacks my thoughts on why the 'Spider-web city' is a fantastic choice, and why it's a good idea to go back to the description, because it does seem as if a number of students are missing out on what it's actually got on offer (above and beyond that key image of the spider web [and less so an actual spider]):

    I can't help noticing too that your influence maps are largely preoccupied with the mountains - and not the city. The mountains are important, but not as important as you coming to identify a visual concept for that fantastical suspended city.

    When in doubt - go back to the real world; if I was looking to better understand this structure, I'd look at real world structures and real-world engineering in terms of supporting structures and suspension technology; for example:

    Short version - you're not just painting a scene, you're a concept artist, which makes you an architect. You need to imagine this suspended city as a 'reality' - so that it makes sense and has its own internal logic. Ask yourself this question: why does your Octavia look the way it does - what is your design principle, from where/what do your structures derive? In design terms, it's not enough to hang a generic 'city' between two mountains; you need to think about how this city works and how its appearance reflects that.

    My advice - refer to the real world for your answers/inspiration.