Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Minor Project: Script

First draft of my script.
Hello, as you already know my names Barbara. But people call me Babs. I'm a cleaner and have been for 18 years. My big brother got me into this job. To be honest I thought he told me about this job as a joke. But at the time I was just sitting around my mom's house tidying and cleaning. I went through a couple of jobs back then, but none of them really suck and I was willing to give any job ago. It's not a bad job, the cleaning company I work for is really big. We get sent to all different places within a radius. Everywhere we go is a different job with different needs, so we cleaners need to be understanding. At first I didn’t like this job all that much. I mean it interested me, but I did not like the amount of mess. It's one thing to clean up your own mess, but over peoples? It's something you get use to.  
It's annoying to walk into one of the building am working in and see the place messy, now when I say messy, I mean like when my younger brother came home from school with four friends and wrecked the place. When I walk into those types of places, the first thing that goes through my mind is "how can you live like this?" Obviously I don’t say that, that would be rude. We cannot be rude. As a cleaner were there to help with that sort of stuff. But the more you work the more you just get on with stuff. Anyway it's not a bad paying job. It allows me to do what I want in my spare time. I get to go on holiday once or twice a year. It's always good to get away and have some time to myself and Not worry about cleaning.   
Cleaning is not exactly a fun job, it is what you make of it. I mean I normally just get through it by listening to music. A bit of Elvis on while I work, never hurt anyone. Just reminds me of cleaning with my mum when I was younger. Elvis was my mum's cleaning music. Looks like she past on something then haha. Most the places I work are as I would say, are in a higher class then what I grow up in. I don’t recent that, it's just opened my eyes to see that no matter what class your in, everyone can pretty much have the same issues .
The messiest job I've had to deal with was my first. I imagine everyone says that in this line of work. I remember a lot of wood throughout the house. It seemed to be there theme. There actually wasn’t that much mess down stairs. I mean the home office was fine and so was the gaming room they had. The living room furniture was in awkward positions and there had been glass of red wine knock over, on the white carpet near the kitchen. Some of the kitchen drawers had been pulled out and their contents on the floor. Come to think of It all the picture were face down, it was really weird. I headed up stairs towards the bedroom, that’s where my new boss told me to start. I got to the door and put my mask on. It was a real mess... but someone had to do it. 


  1. Hey Josh - can you send to me as .doc? Ta!