Monday, 10 October 2016

Minor Project: Creative writing exercise

Phil asked to do be a creative writing exercise where I just write about the woman (Barbara a.k.a Babs) but not in terms of writing a script. He wanted me to write about write about her family, her hobbies, her likes her dislikes, her favourite singers, favourite films, where she goes on holiday, is she married etc. This is to help me understand my character a lot more and to be able to bring her character out through hat she says in the script.
Barbara (Babs)
Barbara comes from a family of 4. Barbara's father die when she is 2 in a car accident, leaving her mother to raise her and her two brothers. Barbara is a middle child, with an older brother and a younger brother. She gets on well with both of them now, but when she was child her brothers used to tease her abit. They called it character building. When they all hit their teens years, her two brother start to look out for her more as well as pushing her to focus on her studies. Barbara's older brother Mike pushed her to became a A star student, he always said to her "you can do anything you set your mind on, you just need determination". John her younger brother only by a year, looked out for her in the sense of the guys she was dating, like her father would have if he was still alive. 
When Barbara finished school she was not sure on what she wanted to do. With her mother working two jobs to support the family Barbara stayed at home to help tidy and clean. Mike moved out to go to police academy and John moved in with his girlfriend. Barbara's mother quit one of her jobs so she could spent more time with her children, as well as to catch up on quality time with them as she missed out when they were younger. Barbara spent her day cleaning and tidying to help out around the house as well as going out and see her friends. Barbara did not really like spending too much money so she wouldn’t go out too much. She tired a few different jobs over a year, but none of them stood out as a career. So she did a bit of volunteering, helping out where she could and whoever she could. 
Mike came around one day to see Barbara with a job opportunity. Mike told her about a cleaning job, a crime scene cleaning job. Becoming a crime scene cleaner does not require a college degree or certification Mike said. He then went on to say, More than anything, it is important for crime scene cleaners to possess the following, Compassion, Integrity, commitment and attention to detail. Barbara listen more and decided to give it ago, finding out that she liked the work she was doing she kept the job. Barbara moved out of her mother's place and into her own place. 
 In her spare time Barbara likes going out and meeting her friends at the café, as well as taking her dog (husky) Arnie on long walks. With her job being at odd hours Barbara does not normally do much socializing, but the time she spends in door allows her to save her money for nice items for the house and for holidays for herself and sometimes her mother as well. If she was going on her own she would give Arnie to her mother to look after, or if her mother was coming with she would ask one of her brother to look after him so he didn’t have to go to a kennel. Barbara's favorite holiday used to be somewhere where she has not been before, somewhere where she can explore and have fun. But when she got older and she had been working at her cleaning job for 5 years, she decided to take more relaxing holidays and try and forget about her job. Anywhere where there was a sand beach and hot weather. 
Barbara has had a few on off relationships in the past, at the moment she is see someone. She is quite happy with how it's going, but she is not sure if this guy is the one. She is quite happy at the moment with her job and life. Barbara likes going to gym, as her gym is open 24/7 so she can fit it in to her day whenever she wants. Barbara likes everything to be in the right place and how it should be. She hated when her brothers would come home and move everything around when she was younger. This trait became more stronger the more she worked cleaning crime scene, until Barbara can no longer switch it off. Just mess people in general grind her gears. But she was happy to clean and loves do it. When Barbara has to clean at home she would always try and make it feel less like work by playing her favorite singer, Elvis Presley. Even though Elvis died before Barbara was born she was brought up listening to him due to her mother. Barbara also used to Elvis Presley to get close to her mother by taking her on a holiday to sight see the areas of Hawaii Elvis visited.

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