Monday, 3 October 2016

Minor Project: idea and Research

After my first tutorial with Phil, he suggested that I should go with my first idea but with a few adjustments. So this was my original idea 1.  

Idea 1 

Narrator archetype: 

Highly intelligent and jokingly sounding crime scene examiner, or would seem. Actually a highly intelligent, psychopath with background knowledge in medicine and forensics working within law enforcement.   


Starts with a doorway with police tape across it, camera starts to float through the scene as if it was being walked through the environment, the narrator start to describes what is happening within each room. Narrator describes what he believed has happened to each victim in a gruesome detail. While the narrator talks, the camera plans around the environment showing the left over evidence of the parts he is talking about. The more the animation goes on, the more the narrator has less empathy towards the victims. As it gets to the end scene where the most horrible act happened, the narrator seems impressed with was has happened. The narrators last line would then  flip what the audience think what they know. 

"All in all... this test was a success hahahaha"
So the first thing Phil said was that ending with "hahaha" was a bit Scooby Doo, which soon as he said it I could picture it straight away. He then pointed me in the direction of the narrator being more of a crime scene cleaner then a crime scene examiner. That way when the cleaner talks about her job, she can talk about what she does with out actually talking about the gruesome stuff she's seen. Phil suggested that I looked into my characters profile and interior design, as-well as a start on a script with images.

Through out my animation the narrator is doing a interview. She talks about what it's like to work as cleaner for crime scenes. But she never actually mentions that she a crime scene cleaner, she just calls her self a cleaner. The era its going to be set in is the modern day, in a middle/upper class building. 

Inspiration for modern day middle/upper class interiors



Crime scene pictures



She is a successful crime scene cleaner. Been working with her company for 10 years. She is working at this job as the pay is good and she can support her kid with it. Over the years she has become harden by what she has seen. At first she didn't really know what she was getting into but now she really like her job. She has been a law abiding citizen her whole life. She likes to have a jokes at work but takes her work seriously. 

Interviewer and cleaner dialogue with camera placement.

Screen starts black and fades in to show you a doorway and door slightly open.

What is your name?
Camera moves forwards to the door.

------------- (Name not picked yet)

Door opens and camera moves through the hall way to three doors at the end. One on the left and right and one right in front.

How long have you been doing this job?

Camera rotates to the right, the door there is already open. Camera looks around the room (study room) room shows a slight mess with piles of books on a desk and  with a few on the floor.

"Urmmm... Let me think. It's been about 10 years now. When I started this job, I never thought I would still be doing it now. I didn't really like cleaning, but it grew on me the more I worked.  It's weird to think that I've been a cleaner for that long. Time sort of disappears in this job as there is always somewhere that needs cleaning.  

Camera rotates back out the door and across to the opposite door. 

Do you like cleaning up after other people?

Camera moves in to games room and pans around to show mess that looks like its been made by a teenage boy.

"I think most people don't like cleaning to be honest, but at the end of the day it has to be done. When I was young I would have never said I was going to be a cleaner. But now... I could not imagine doing anything else. But in answer to your question, I always expect a certain amount of mess. Really... it depends on how messy they are on whether I mind or not." 

Camera goes through the second door in the games room and into an open living room with an open kitchen to right. To the far left is the stairs and directly in front is a large window and a frosted glass pane door. Camera moves over to the window.

So do you like your job?

Camera rotates to the right to show the kitchen, as camera pans around you see a red wine bottle on the floor. The contents of the bottle is split on the floor and has stained the white carpet it has touched.

"At first I didn't and I think that's understandable. But the more I worked the more I like it and got into the swing of it. There is still some clean up jobs that no one wants to take, which is a real pain if you end up with them. But most of the time I end up with basic clean up jobs, which means I get on with my job pretty effectively."

Camera moves across the living room to the bottom of the stairs. While moving through the living, the camera pans around showing all the picture frames facing down and the furniture at awkward angles.

What is the most messy you've had to deal with?

Camera moves up stairs and stops halfway and rotates to the right to over look the living room and kitchen.

"My messiest job was my first one. Every cleaners first job is there messiest. All I remember is a red wine stain on a white carpet and the living room was trashed. There was something to do with the picture frames as well, I think they were all face down."

Camera rotates back left and pans up. Camera starts moving up the stairs and to a door. The door is slightly open. Around the door handle is slight blood misting.  

"I walked up to the door and stop outside. I took a deep breath, pulled my mask up and pushed open the door. That's when I saw it... the mess I was here to clean."

Door to the room opens and camera can see into the room. The camera pans down to see two separate initial impact blood splatter makers near the door. The one closest to the door has blood pooling with more impact splatter makers up the side of the wall. The far initial splatter maker has drag makers and bloody hand prints leading to the side of the bed. More blood splatter up walls near the side of the bed and on the bed. Camera cuts to black.


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  1. There's a brilliant "wham" feel to the final moment. Where the door opens and from your image sources I can just imagine a room smeared everywhere with blood, broken glass and what have you. A real pow to the reveal.