Friday, 5 February 2016

Info Graphic; How to get your inheritance faster in 5 easy steps. Art of and info graphic.



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  2. Josh, there’s a fun and logical script at the heart of your infographic, each ‘step’ is quirky, darkly appropriate, and nicely sinister. I can see the logic in your choices and they read well. However, this is let down by your (very) underdeveloped graphic design. To put this in blunt terms there is no design methodology to this piece, instead it’s a scrap book of ‘best guesses’ (what happened to Edward Gorey etc?). Please don’t misunderstand me, a tree is a good idea, as are your choice of scenes however the weakness is in the design and execution - Overall your film reads as a pre-viz and not as a finished and refined end product. It would be hard here to explain how to improve your work as many of the problems are fundamental foundation issues around design thinking – See me and I’ll explain more.

    Josh, you’re on a course which features design in all areas, to be successful you’re going to need to embrace the idea that ‘art and design’ is something that you need to practice, refine, and improve at. I can help you improve but I can’t help you if you work in isolation and hide your work away. I didn’t see this animation before the submission either in person or on your blog. The only evidence was the occasional piece of ‘research’ in tutorials. I strongly suggest that you change your approach to your studies, work in the University, ask for help, be professional, and practice your drawing and design skills. Above all don’t repeat the same approach for Part B.

    Note: At the time of writing this there has been no new posts since this submission (1 week) and you missed your tutorial – Josh, the project is called ‘Adaptation & PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE’. Your blog and attendance is part of your mark.