Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Narrative project - Colour comp interior


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  2. The question you asked me was..."Are these right?". The short answer is 'No!'. The reasons...

    1) They are 'styless' and drawn 'off the top of your head"
    2) They are not cinematic....16:9 (1920x1080)
    3) They don't consider storytelling (emotion)
    4) They have no sense of age or period.
    5) There is no consideration for lighting (theatre).
    6) There is no use of rules of thirds to enhance storytelling (everything is from the front)

    Josh, in year 1 you were asked to engage with all of the above criticisms during your concept art project (and every project since). These images demonstrate a disregard for those classes. I suggest going back to basics asap....add 'Lowry' into the mix (use his style) and produce work which is much more narrative. Also, look around anyone else producing work like this in this manner? Search online for environment concept art for film / animation...look at it....see how its done. Above all...stop trying to 'guess' at what you should be doing...approach your work with knowledge and insight.