Saturday, 14 November 2015

Character Design Project - Game outline

The cards that I pinked out were stone, metal and history. With these cards in my mind, I have come up with a game idea. I have based my game upon the Medieval era because of the history card I got given as well as it fitting in with the materials that I got. The Medieval era used stones to create buildings and iron to make weapons and structures. I have two main races in the game, the Stone and the Metal.
The story begins as you playing as the King of the stone people, who have just arrived on a new island. This is because their old island ran out of resources so they had to relocate. At this point of the game, you start using your abilities to manipulate stone to create buildings for yourself and your citizens. The game then skips a couple of years ahead, to a point where your civilisation is set up. At this point in time, the King gets word of a dark heavy mist heading across his land. You as the King, go to see what is happening within the mist. It turns out that the mist isn't what it seems, but instead is black smoke coming from the furnaces of the invading metal race.
With this incoming attack from another race, you have to use an ancient magic stone bracelet, which give life to any previously inanimate stone objects that it touches. You use this stone bracelet to create an army of stone golem's to help fight against the incoming metal race. Throughout the game, you make decisions on whether to attack the other race on the move or to defend your cities and towns before the Metal race gets to them. 
These decisions change the outcome of the game for you. With this game being an open world, every decision you make could have either good or bad consequences which also may make the game harder or easier for the end battle.
For the end of this project, I am going to submit 3 character designs with facial expressions, bio, turnarounds, action poses and props. These characters will be the Stone King, the Metal King and Stone Golem's. I will also be submitting environment concept art  based around a stone town with an approaching black mist as well as gameplay design showing what would be shown on the screen as you were playing.

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