Monday, 5 October 2015

Character Project

For my character project I ended up with "History" time and events/facts, "Stone" rocks and boulders/weight and "Metal" scrap/magnetism and conductivity. My first idea I had was a sort of card game and my second idea was a iPhone game.

First idea

Card game where you have to pick out five cards from a deck and have to use those cards to either collect the metal cards that go with each other to make a machine. This would help that player to uncover historical items or use boulder cards to destroy the other players machine. The main cards that you have to collect would be scrap metal cards, at the bottom of the card it would say what metal cards would go with what to make certain machines. The cards that would destroy other players machines would be boulder cards, the amount of cards that the player would need to throw away would depend on the size of the boulder card.

Second idea

My second idea is a iPhone game where you have build a camp near a historical site, you have to build up your population and go around collecting scrap metal till you have another of both to build a machine that would help you uncover the historical items. Once you have got the items in the first area you move on to the next location. The more you play on each area and the better you do the more scrap metal and help (population) you bring with you to the next area.

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