Monday, 12 October 2015

Character design project.

After talking to Justin about my first two ideas I now realise that I was focusing on the stone, metal and history cards too much, I was looking to base my whole game around these key factors and that my game would have had a very small market. So by talking to Justin we come up with a few ideas which he said to go off and look into.

I had a look at a few games that when you make decisions as the character, this effects the whole storyline. This idea of everything you do has an effect on your surroundings and the story, this really jumped out at me. I then took another look at what the stone and metal cards could do within my game with out having the whole game being based completely on them. I thought I could use these two types of materials as races, having the stone race as the good side whereas the metal race as the invading evil race. With the stone race being the good home team I thought of eras that had building built with stone which would involve the history card. So looking into this, I thought the medieval time period would fit this and the difference between the stone and metal buildings would almost look alien like and would make the metal building stand out as the invading race. To involve the stone and metal cards even more I thought the races could be able to control the material of the race they belong to. This idea would help the game along as it would mean that within the game the surroundings could change fast and on a big scale. Within this idea also come the idea of the hero and evil character being able to create monsters out of their races materials to help them fight throughout the game and at the massive war at the end of the game.

I feel like with this idea that there is still a few things that need a bit of a review but the main idea behind it is good enough to start coming up with character designs. 

Here is my first mood board

I look at different types of stone and metal building to idea of what sort of look I would like to use as well as types of monsters and their look. I think this is a good base mood board for my entire game idea, at a later point I will do more mood boards to help with design with in each of the raises.

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