Friday, 3 February 2017

Major - Model progression

At the start of the major project I've been working my way through the crime scene house, adding more detail to the block model.
Kitchen block model
 Added detail


  1. Hi Josh ... I know you're super-busy, but it's survey time again:

    Could you let me know when you've completed it via a message on the original post.. ta :)

    PS - don't forget to update your blog all the time... I want to feel there's a living, breathing project going on here - don't disappear from view - I've got super-high expectations of you and getting your vision on screen, so please share it - and work closely with the course team. Don't be a stranger! :)

  2. Hi Josh - did you see my comment about keeping your blog updated!!!!? Come on - enough with the disappearing act - we'll be marking your 'studio professionalism' as it aligns with you keeping in touch with us etc.... I've asked you not to be a stranger and I meant it - Come and see me on Monday morning - let's catch up please - I'm seeking reassurance that you're on target and doing all the right things by which to get this film of yours made...