Friday, 24 April 2015

New Malaria pre-viz

This is my whole animation without sound, it still needs editing in some areas but it is the basic idea of it.


  1. Hi Josh,

    Okay - a couple of observations/suggestions:

    Not sure about the camera being so 'welded' to the top of the blood cell in the opening sequence; it feels a bit mechanical in a way that just a free camera might not do - especially as you don't continue with this locked-to-an-object camera for the rest of the animation.

    I think 'Now in the liver' could just read 'In the liver' instead.

    @49 secs / this sequence seems too hurried - as the meriozoites leave the liver - it's hard to follow the action as it is right now; bit too small/bit too quick?

    @56 secs - when the blood cell stops to show us what's happening inside, I think it's distracting to have the other elements continuing around it, as they draw our eye away from the staging of this information; I'd consider freezing all the action while you complete these sequences.

    @1.22 secs - you've got a quick fade to black and then you resume the same action - is there a purpose to this fade, or is it a glitch?

    @1.33 - see previous suggestion re. freezing all other elements as you focus on changes within the blood cell: I think the staging of this 'two blood cell' sequence needs to be reconsidered, as the framing is a bit ugly, as right now your cropping the edges of the blood cells etc. and the staging looks a bit squashed on screen.

    In terms of your text elements, I'd a) explore a few more typefaces; it needs to be easy to read, but there's something a little old-fashioned-looking about your current choice, and b) I'd consider using one colour only for all the labels; perhaps you're colour coding for a purpose, but as the labels very clearly relate to the components on screen, the different colours don't seem necessary.

    Hope all is going well :)

  2. "Roll up! Roll up! It's the Tombola Of Dreams!"